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10 September 2012

Mix Act
Destinations Genix
Moments Genix


Finishing off his first AB OMs' year without Koglin, Damion had already proved himself with Aura / Nytra, & Fuzz Junkie. But he had to lay a new path for him & for Anjuna. This is the journey.
After his signature bouncy electropapertrash, DH shows us what he can do & where peoplekind can go. Destinations is not a notch in Houchen's belt, but it is a good shape for Anjuna anyway, because this style of tune is hellestial.
The shape of this tune is very planar, flattened & smooth. The ramplike stem has few branches; these are the funeral's high points, not just because they are the most foreign to the main template, but because these contradict to flare up the discord that makes tunes humanic. The result of this shape is the far future is definitively evoked & chemically ignited in front of our face. But the tune is too stiff, too unwavering to boil: the only tragedy here is the placid thinness, unwilling to stray from the primary colours, leaving a straight, bland line. What an excusive title- make the journey good as well. Because the end was not bearable either.


After you reach your end, you must do something with it. The same papery electrotrash can be glossed over straight to the tune. Unlike Destinations, Moments is the future we were never promised, because it is too good to have been imagined. This is the urseraph of tunes, & the ultrahedonic genre: tunes are not affected by the genre, but the best one is this: taking the ears hostage, the mind far away, & the soul to a trench. Shamefully, this will not be in any compilation crystallised for future generations, so spread it yourselves: the style gushes augmentanyl through the walls of the heart, but it couldn't happen without DH's spagyric tune. 4-4-8s are a coveted Alp of blood ice, & Moments further affirms the trend: the main burycane never strays from the thebaic Schwer Gustav-per-square centimetre drops & hairpulling, trentalous sledges. The piano, smaller but no lighter, is a hard trampoline to hit back against, & kills even more than real trampolines do. Skimming through the gaps left by the main course, these keys mutiny & spring from honeypot to honeypool. The main train is a champion of psychotomimetic duress, but this is no mimeticism: the moments are days. Especially if you edit it that way.[1]

  1. with free software