Dew Point / Clorofilla

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2 May 2011

Mix Act Duration
Dew Point (Original Mix) Answer42 8:09
Dew Point (Martin Roth's Morning Dew Remix) Answer42 8:51
Dew Point (Martin Roth's Evening Dew Remix) Answer42 8:04
Clorofilla (Original Mix) Answer42 7:46

Dew Point (Original Mix)

AD 03 glistens with this mixture of glow & shade, slinking in with earnest deep funk, starting the tune with a truthful set of pads set against a deceptively upbeat piano, although it ends intrepidly, springing into an aureoled, anguished climax, of scarecrows in the killing fields.

Dew Point (Martin Roth's Morning Dew Remix)

Distalent reared its head when Roth decided to overextend himself & remix twice, as though once wasn't strenuous enough. The first is just eight minutes of Roth template; one is the OM piano copied & wasted.

Dew Point (Martin Roth's Evening Dew Remix)

When things are this long, that space should be filled with hard work. The most we get of this is the OM with beats overlaid, to slight effect. That could be the best we ever get from Marty.


Italian for 'vehemence', this is a poor attempt to fool us into accepting ordure, by placing it next to DP. It won't work.