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4 May 2001, maybe.[1]


Title Act Duration BPM
Different Ways (Original Mix) Free State 6:29 138
Different Ways (Dirt Devils Remix) Free State 7:46 140

'People react in different ways. It's like fingerprints. No-one has the same fingerprint.'
This is the speech sample used in this, the second release on Anjunabeats. Also from Above & Beyond, this was released under the moniker of 'Free State'.
& it is not great.

Different Ways (Original Mix)

This is a huge step up from Volume One.
The electrotrash has interesting pauses in it. Two minutes in, it gets quieter, then the sample plays, followed by the tune introduction. It sounds melancholy, & builds up well. Then comes the climax.
It completely changes tone- from melancholy to less melancholy. There is still much emotion in this- like I said, this is a huge step up from Volume One. The violins are a great touch, as always. Then outros.
The tune & style are not mind-blowing.

Different Ways (Dirt Devils Remix)

This solitary, slightly faster remix si just the OM with a nice electrortash effect behind it that doesn't alleviate the lacklustreness of the tune. This is not in any way an improvement on the OM, except that nice 'wub' effect. If you're going to buy one of these mixes, which you shouldn't, get this one.