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9 February 2010

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Diophantine (Original Mix) Solarity 128 G major 9:00
Red (Original Mix) Solarity 126 D# minor 9:47
Red (Redder Mix) Solarity 101 D# minor 6:45

The day is brightest just before the darkest night gets extended with an eclipse.

Diophantine (Original Mix)

But tonight is not that night. The Dusky duo decided to score Metropolis this time: the mechanical beat gets overshadowed by the even more futurist high-pitched whine of city life, pausing briefly for an AD 02-worthy funk fusion. Diaphaneity submerges, the translucent fragilities then bombarded with the sounds of a city's forging. The diaphane never returns, though; the funkline does. Great help that is.

Red (Original Mix)

Absanguine athanatism makes Red one of the extrasolar nine out of Solarity's nineteen songs. The rheography tumesces: although the usual Solarity deicide is here, squeezing the tune into smaller burrows, the tune overcomes. This duende nonesuch is anagrammatic to unchosen, & is the only one here not in AD 02.

Red (Redder Mix)

Whiteblood rafting at its duskiest, this shorter, slower redo mostly gets past overblown build-ups in favour of violins, & the OM's synth. This chillout mix is theopneustic, from the better backup, to the frontup.