Distractions EP

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8 February 2011

Mix Act Duration
Distractions - Movement 1 (Club Mix) Andrew Bayer 7:57
Distractions - Movement 2 (Original Mix) Andrew Bayer 8:35
Distractions - Movement 3 (Original Mix) Andrew Bayer 8:39
Distractions - Movement 4 (Original Mix) Andrew Bayer 4:01
Distractions - Movements 1-4 (Continuous/Seamless Mix) Andrew Bayer 29:10

Bayer said that he made it while sick. It shows.

Distractions - Movement 1 (Club Mix)

Until the Fall of Man, I held this EP in contempt as the vilest stain on his legacy. Writer's schlock infected him badly this time, making a whole half hour, when his eight minutes that made the cut for AD 03 were barely justified. This particular blemish has a few seconds of suggestive violin, & many minutes of hebetate parroting. Perhaps he thought of it as tantalising, but it's maddening for a different reason.

Distractions - Movement 2 (Original Mix)

All Distractions have his style, but the most intricate is M2. AD 03 bristles with this tolerable typhoon, the best of his worst. Timely kickdrums can only make up for so much, when the purported substance is mere banging on a broken sousaphone.

Distractions - Movement 3 (Original Mix)

With even less attention or substance, M3 has nothing in it, emptier than a vacuum, no credibility or pride.

Distractions - Movement 4 (Original Mix)

Bringing back the So It Goes vocals, this stripped non-chillout list of sounds is the shortest. If he could have had them all less then five minutes, why not do so?

Distractions - Movements 1-4 (Continuous/Seamless Mix)

What did you expect? The parts are otiose, & so is their sum. M1 has no remixes, by the way.