Don't Look Back / One Last Look

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Vinculum matrimonii in smooth action.


1 October 2007

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Don't Look Back (Original Mix) The Signalrunners 134 A minor 7:16
One Last Look (Original Mix) The Signalrunners 136 A minor 7:51

This represents the first escalation in the discography of the Signalrunners. Aria Epica, their debut, is trivial next to what followed.

Don't Look Back (Original Mix)

This infracts any escalation.
Aria Epica is actually superior to Don't Look Back. Betraying any intensification, this dolorous yet languid attempt misses the barn door.

One Last Look (Original Mix)

Considering Bayer's later discography, this is the one he composed.
One Last Look is a theopneust encomium to sidereal fulgor. This continually drops further & further into brume, unraveling the streets of Sybaris as it masterfully & climactically detonates.
The Signalrunners, & Andrew Bayer, continued on this path.