Doormatica / Wegel

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Keeley exegi monumentum aere perennius.


11 May 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Doormatica (Original Mix) Paul Keeley 127 F# major 6:43
Wegel (Original Mix) Paul Keeley 127 A minor 7:33

Keeley's preantepenultimate Anjunadeep release is a dyad to die for.

Coming into focus, out of the mist, the sound of the eschaton gently sterilises the fields of the animals & the plants. Such extreme pleasure was not healthy. The theonymous Keeley was a one-man Götterdämmerung, the hemoclysmic rainbow waterfall, the Eastern Front[1] as an emotion, a tsunami of blood taking as much as it gives. Keeley had no limits when he made this. The sound of infinity, tan waves & all, can be heard here, in both the Futurama door A-side, included in AD 01, & the B-side, Wegel, named for who knows what.[2]
Whether smooth, or psychotofunk, this two-tracker is worth worlds. Worlds of the mind have been mined away.