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30 November 2010

Mix Act
Downforce (Original Mix) Nitrous Oxide
Downforce (Club Mix) Nitrous Oxide
Downforce (Orient Mix) Nitrous Oxide
Downforce (Mike Shiver Remix) Nitrous Oxide

Just Follow You after this one.

Downforce (Original Mix)

Dreamcaught hyperfusion marks this ur-mind amrita. The Sun's downforce can't compare to the bilita mpash hunter himself, N2O. This album mix begins to melt with an alternating ghost choir Robespierred (split) by a syringe of vantablack stabbing in, setting the mood right for the Pretkiewiczesque bassline. Then this lust devil gashes into the transcosmic crepuscule that is this tune, before receding for the introduction of: the piano.
This instrument makes it all bounce like cranberries. The jaunty, piezoluminescent scintillae hyperpower Downforce again, the ultravast climax immeasurable, unthinkable, unforgettable.

Downforce (Club Mix)

As with Dreamcatcher, this is just the OM with bass on each end. Had to be done, clearly. Vol 8 didn't have enough choice.

Downforce (Orient Mix)

Other than this. This is fine for envoluming. The CM cut out the drastic opening, so now it's just other N2O mixes. Thankfully, there's more. This mix, for instance, introduces a new, adverse apheliotrope, a trance pattern kicking against the rest, bringing a little froth to the tears. Selenic.

Downforce (Mike Shiver Remix)

These three remixes are not original, compared to other remixings.[1] However, this Swede topped the cake with salsaesque erethism, beginning with equatorial effects shaking up the sanctification, setting the stage for the ensorcelling neotropicalisation.
The whirlwind Rigel flares scorch away the vestiges of paleotrance from this futuritial macarism. Despite the recurring elements, this was a successful remix EP.

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