Downhill / 30 Degrees At Midnight

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9 February 2010

Mix Act
Downhill (Original Mix) Cold Blue
30 Degrees At Midnight (Original Mix) Cold Blue

Schuh's final year was prepossessing. But for his Vol 7 contributions, not yet.

Downhill (Original Mix)

This closes Vol 7 when it shouldn't be anywhere in it. Why name a song 'downhill'? It was all uphill from here, though that could be a sine dicendum.
Downhill is a festerous void. Schuh's style is on full blast, but his brain isn't: it's all zoonotic wastage. Avoid this travesty of the Cold Blue sound.

30 Degrees At Midnight (Original Mix)

Kelvin or Celsius? Either way, the faux-emotion has passed, in favour of a superb cynosure: the snailing minutes trail up to a small whirlwind of catharsis. The aeriality, from the light weight to the overarching strains that go nowhere, works well with the tune, a meander leading to a Tugela.
Languidity never sounded so good. Especially when it's paired with rubescent charm- this merited its voluminal appreciation.