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23 January 2012

Mix Act
Downshift Soundprank
This Is A Prank Soundprank
Cosmos Soundprank

His penultimate deepering was his best.


Deceptive title: this does not function at a lower rate/gear. The veriception[1] is his flunkest funk, though his output was to shrink later on. This time, the river meanders hard, bringing up wacky allusions to fuligin, then dropping them for southward key flights. It gets serious at the middle, before starting all over again in the xanax abyss. 3:45 to 5:15, one minute & a half out of eight & a quarter show you his priorities. But for a small while, he took us seriously, & we could see clearly. Downshift's is a tortured synth, half in shadow, half in ink, simpler than a nursery rhyme, showing us why he went into scoring for ads. It's all this is good for.
The echoes of metal music are ripple in blood, warm blood. But they are only echoes nonetheless. He could do better.

This Is A Prank

So he did. The drums, practice for 2015, leave cracks in the air as CF ramps up the runway to 3:00 & beyond. The fuligin steps out of the fluoroantimonic mists ready to anthraxise, but Fisher veereed in a different direction, landing on psychedelic hard metal. LSD may be soft, but this metal is diamond.
The metalman jumps into more playful, jungla tropics that vibrate to smithereens just as darkly as before, before CF ran out of steam at 5:14. Two whole minutes this time! & even then, it's infanticided air from 4:00 to 4:30, so this is one minute & forty-five seconds in total. Up by fifteen seconds, & up by several thumbs.


2:14 wipes the mist from our windows & the water from our eyes, pacing into a ringtone-worthy three-second loop any rapper in rehab could make in that amount of time. It loops de loop until 4:14, when the real star of the flow smashes in: a small trail of broken earphones, then tattered remains of the Beolab 60.[2] Worth a listen. Then worth forgetting. Not so cosmic after all.