Dreamcatcher (EP)

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1 June 2010

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Dreamcatcher (Club Mix) Nitrous Oxide 137 B minor 8:05
Dreamcatcher (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) Nitrous Oxide 137 D major 8:25

The fourth Dreamcatcher single[1], or importing ice to Antarctica? We report, you decide.

Dreamcatcher (Original Mix)

This EP is special, like this cheese grater.

If any song deserved title-tracking, it's this. Or Downforce, or Muriwai, etc. This is quintessential N2O: his acoustical anomalies, his unleashed trash tonitruating at soul walls, fusing divinity into our time, & all this style in service of the leviathan tune, behemoth thrashing with it in one for posterity, & now.
His tune glaciates rapidly, hunting & catching bilita mpashes, silken chords & nectared pads flowing & bumping alongside, a veneration of KP even before the extra synths fly in like Gabriel, but better.

Dreamcatcher (Club Mix)

Extended, with the percurrent separated at each end being the one "change". That recurs.

Dreamcatcher (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)

The last time they were here, they did well. This time, they invalidated themselves hard, unless you wanted to experience a debilitated vampire attack victim.

  1. including NP & Amnesia