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7 December 2010

Mix Act BPM
Dreams (Original Mix) Reeves 127
Dreams (Jon O'Bir Remix) Reeves 134

Duguid's final OM.

Dreams (Original Mix)

This does many things that Call Of Loneliness did: the same high, stretched out vocals, the same microscopic focus on the ontology & late return to normalcy, & the long, wandering tune. Unlike that, this is so chilled, it froze to death. Like a penguin's egg on the ice, this will never hatch, but at least that's sad.

Dreams (Jon O'Bir Remix)

Mat Zo isn't here to clean it up, but the guy who ghostmixed his podcast is. Taking every page from Chris Melton's book, O'Bir should've drunk less, & fully remixed it, not speed it up & call it a good day. Most dreams are forgotten, & so will this.[1]