Driving Me Wild EP

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11 February 2013

Mix Act
Driving Me Wild (Original Mix) Kahwe
Anything (Original Mix) Kahwe
Yew (Original Mix) Kahwe

Driving Me Wild (Original Mix)

Despite his predictably unacceptable politics, Kahwe should return to music immediately. You can tell him on Reddit here or here. A quick glance at this combust-devil whirlwinds the whole picture into view. Cowie's whole history is very little to go on, but every drop of his capsaicin sleet burns into his sky-black tektite slate a proclamation no octateuch could bear: that JC is as aboveworldly as the Horsehead, & deserves to be bigger, too. Every piece shines through concrete like paper, from the main bass-wyrm mazing its way into oblivioned bliss, to the many vocals wringing out any pain that could be inside me.
Being incapacitated is the highest state. Phaecian living is closer to being drugged & blind than any smiling or laughing. This much is revealed by Kahwe's more real-than-acoustic style. Who else gives the feeling, not of just hearing a great recording, but of actually being there next to the street instruments? Each metallic tik, paper drum beat, & rice maraca puts weight in my hands I cannot feel elsewhere. Come back, Joe.

Driving Me Wild (Jody Wisternoff Remix)

JW made this version instead for AD05, so you'll probably never buy the OM. Wisty added two things: a neutralising smear of tweaking bells that ruin the flow & relate to nothing, & randomised computery lumps of sound that distract from Kahwe's honey. Wisternoff over-mixed for 06. Should've left a good thing alone, & chosen something else to ruin.


Like this salted hakarl, which would have been an interesting spin. Where to start with this meat perfume? DMW is simple, but it has a point. A beginning, a middle, & an end. Anything reveals the sloth from the title. Should someone say 'Do not buy anything by Kahwe?' I hope not, but it is true in a way.
Why does every musician need a song about New York? Even Andrew Bayer doesn't, & he's from there. Discover a new city, artists. Here's a few to get you started:

  • Manila
  • Brasilia
  • Adelaide
  • Jakarta
  • The Vatican


Of all the songs in the 'real' genre, populated exclusively by Kahwe, Yew is by far the realest. Feel this intro & tell me you don't see the urban life in front of your eyes. The sounds are so much crisper than crisp, that the tune's inferiority to DMW doesn't even hit as hard as a loaf of bread. Yew is sad, to be sure. Not in a creative way, but a useful one nonetheless. Brute force sadness is never the way to go, especially if the tune can't will up any force. 'Yew' is Zazaki for 'one'. Fitting, since this would get one out of three if I rated things, which I don't. Mainly because it's closer to a two out of five. Partly because the tiny turns of key make we go 'oh that was nice for a millisecond.' What a bunch of turns this EP took.