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E noho ra.


26 September 2011

Mix Act
E-No (Original Mix) Stephen J Kroos
Alternating Peaks (Original Mix) Stephen J Kroos
Apophis (Original Mix) Stephen J Kroos

Mnenosyne had Paradox. Tecktonick had 11. Reperfusion had Angiogenesis. Micrsh had Micrsh. E-No has the sweet come hither of the afterlife, a better place. This is botulin as a sound. Can Kroos move his face anymore? Or any part of his body? Because large parts of his brain show no sign: The Jerome Isma-ae of 2011 got apophysis right, it's right here. He would be seen one last time in AD 04. E-No, no, no, please don't listen to this.

Quotes about SJK
  • "Stephen J Kroos is like a man of wood." Karl Dönitz
  • "Need one comment on that fool? He is personally disagreeable and vain." Erhard Milch[1]