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3 August 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Eclipse (Original Mix) Activa 138 D# major 7:39
Eclipse (Mat Zo Remix) Activa 136 A# minor 7:51

After debuting by remixing The Hymn trillionth-heartedly, Stevenson decided to compose a song trillionth-heartedly.

Eclipse (Original Mix)

From the Beatport page:
Robert Stevenson now gets the chance to take centre stage and further underline his credentials with the elevating ‘Eclipse’.
More like undermine his credentials, which weren't stellar anyway. This temporary lapse in brightness is to the remix what sacramental bread is to a layer cake, what a virus is to Skynet, what Benz's three-wheeler is to a space shuttle, what Encyclopedia Britannica is to Wikipedia, what Activa is to Mat Zo. Calling it bare-bones is too kind; even bones have marrow.

Eclipse (Mat Zo Remix)

Mat Zo gave inspiration, to all of us: this is the typical Mat Zo mix, where up is left is behind you, & once you've found bearings, everything will flip again. The only sensible anarchism, this remix circumvolutes more wildly than a stoat hunting a rabbit. Zohar's anarchic magic is a pelagic tragic, using the OM only as a brief reference, not even as a skeleton to hang off; adding notes here & there to rile up where the flatbread never could. Then, a peninsular air-walk Mat Zo is so good at skydives into defiant darkness. The dark glacier recedes, leaving the warm nectar. AB 07-ready, aim, perspire.