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23 December 2004

Mix Artist BPM Key Duration
Eighties (Original Mix) Yilmaz Altanhan 130 D minor 10:07
Eighties (Özgür Can Remix) Yilmaz Altanhan 126 D minor 8:54

Yilmaz Altanhan's sole appearance on Anjunabeats is ostensibly his only[1] appearance[2] anywhere, since 'Eighties' is his solitary[3] release. So you'd think that at least an iota of care was put into this.

Eighties (Original Mix)

This is 100% of half a song.
This is an issue that I frequently come across. It is where a song has some, even massive, amounts of emotion & variance, & it is so uncoordinated & badly executed that it ends up as detritral[4] sewage. This is one exemplar.
A tune does not even have to be a variance of key. A seraphic song needs at least one scintilla of deliciousness. Eighties has everything it needs in order to be seraphic, except effort.
Eighties has a tribal house bassline, & a synth that dances about as it should. But it is not dynamic at all. This feels emotionally vacuous. A desolate amplitude of oblivion. Nothing happens in this expanse of poisonous quiescence. It says so much, & conveys so little.

Eighties (Özgür Can Remix)

So of course it was awarded a remix. Specifically, from Özgür Can, who helped to found[5] Anjunadeep, around[6] this[7] time. Remixing Eighties was one of his poor choices.
Not only is the OM worthless, artistically & otherwise, but so is the Swede's mix. This is more duplicative than a mirror: it's the same offal down to the exact bassline. To smear the lily, Can's mix opens Volume 3.

Eighties 2014

The most unnecessary release ever.

As if Can wasn't bad enough, this acrimony was resurrected in 2014, by Altanhan & Faruk Sabanci, on Andy Moor's label, AVA Recordings, which ceased in 2014. Eighties 2014 is the sixth most recent AVA release, keeping it on the front page for all eternity.
It's no different, except that they progressed it. It sounds 20% better. However, 20% of zero is zero, which confounds me as to why this is currently the fifth most popular thing on AVA.
At least it wasn't remixed this time. Nonetheless, why was this resurrected? They didn't do anything new with it, so what was the point?
& in 2007, Armada released an 'original re-edit' of Eighties, which is nothing more than the OM, 25 seconds shorter, which was just as pointless.