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5 December 2011

Mix Act Duration
Electrified (Original Mix) Darren Tate & Diamond 7:19
Electrified (Michael Cassette Remix) Darren Tate & Diamond 6:27
Electrified (Mat Zo Remix) Darren Tate & Diamond 7:12
Electrified (Mat Zo 'Electrofied' Dub) Darren Tate & Diamond 8:19

Electrifῒed (Original Mix)

Retrofied drums open the gates to Valheaven: they've never been brighter, lucenter, more inviting. A few hits then a smattering retreat- this is how we enter.
The anemoi roll in, the arreptitious, solarist, neuronic alternating keys setting the presence. But where would we be without the slowly creeping tide, that pretemporal God-honey, bees of saintdom? Nicolai's voice perfectly gels on the comb, lusciously hymning the meaning of the title.
No spacedive is a drop this sharp: a busy lead into a convoluting roboticisation, then the most shocking switch in AB history: this soundscape is fast, more retrified, & barren except for an octopus frantically running up & down your body, only pausing to taste you. This mollusc is somehow the most neuro thing here, the silkworms that make the fabric of reality questioned earnestly. Tasteful tricks break in, break up, & break down, slowly circling back to the bees. Oh yes, the bees! The climax is our first challenger weep, the intense sarinic immersion unleashed in the realest synths. We are all hallucinauts when the synths ion-rockets around our heads, while spokes from the sky reach down & poke the ground, a zenithal, out-of-body sensation that I've only heard elsewhere in Pong by Wippenberg, & Nom De Strip's mix of Monkey See Monkey Do. It all collapses back into the frictionless coaster, though.

Electrified (Michael Cassette Remix)

The finale! The love letter, the cygnine ballad, their send-off is their finest power, distinctly 80s, rather than the OM's retromash-up. Black blimps fly by the hadal zone, pause to get fuel, then come back to burn it: the new microspins dance on vertebra like Irish voguers. They replayed the OM's climax, except this first time, the synth is thinner, higher, & backed by golden tanks. An extended sequence of pauses does nothing, instead leading us to the climax revamped. Finally, a tuneful climax! I forgot what that felt like. The synth is heavier, deeper, & Venus avalanching in the Finn's masterstroke, flourishing with kookier weapons. Two nonillion for two.

Electrified (Mat Zo Remix)

This will never age: even the first moment invites the wanton physics around in the wildest instant intro in music history: speeding up, slowing down, reverting & subverting. Each second jumps with smooth anticipation, drawing us in to the pre-force. This deceptive, alternative, transhyperneopostavant-garde intro is unfound anywhere else- we are led into another intro, which was rounded up for Vol 9 for a good reason- this pearlwind is a choice pharamacopoeia, a book of psychogenesis that takes seven days to get used to. The mollusc is now a kilometric wonder, twisting abstrusely & wildly, obvoluting, convoluting, psycholuting out of control. What a blast to the head. Especially after it speeds up into oblivion. But the tune appears, an original puff of smokefall that didn't live up to the 'electric' promise. Stylistic expertise of the gods is not worth a grain of dirt, to the worth of the tune. Thankfully, He didn't stop there.

Electrified (Mat Zo 'Electrofied' Dub)

I have referenced heaven several times on this wiki. But now, I use it with the most hammer-splitting force. Without equal, without measure, without flaw, this remix is everything good about the world. I've looked forward to this for a while, as it begins with the true star of the show, the pianic keys going back & forth, black Venus rising, fuligin frost encoating everything, even spreading inside, in Zohar's best hour, the saddest, darkest fluvium in Earth's life. The tune has been silkily everted, delayed, & deepened, making a spread of waves too hypnogenetic to handle. Nicolai's vocals are paranormally chopped, if interrupted by the octopus' wife. The climax is the creamiest yottaseism, from the first step to the slope, to Nicolai's serending of us, to the apexic drop-off, to the quantum uranics of every dripping second of these parallactic fields & their extragalactic violins drawing us down even more. This aurigraphic necronomicon is the best song in our human history.