Electro House Is Dead

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13 July 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Electro House Is Dead (Original Mix) Komytea 126 A# minor 6:54
Electro House Is Dead (Danny Loko Remix) Komytea 127 F# minor 9:13

Electro House Is Dead (Original Mix)

The style alone is shocking. Shockingly, the style is alone. This AD 01 entry smashes heart walls from the first second. Reverberating, punching, & crunching stomp the catwalk alongside pulsating percussives, & a vocal rendition of the title. Also, electrohouse did not die in 2009.
Like modern fighter jets, EHID is all style & show, & no purpose or substance. It is as sleek as it is sturdy: the inclusion in AD 01 is welcome; they had not much else back then. From Beatport:
it cannot be denied that this latest offering from Matti and Erkka once again sees them at their creative and innovative best. Yes it can. It isn't close to their best. This 'sonic neutron bomb', as they call it, has no tune to speak of.

Electro House Is Dead (Danny Loko Remix)

More happens in the first ten minutes of Manos than in this 10-minute inenarrability. His name is Romani for 'upbeat', though this ultraflat plain is as CIA-approved as can be. It's also fittingly Tagalog for 'crazy'. Nothing happens in this fire blanket of a remix. Loko would return for his last Anjuna release in two years time. He was better then.