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Paper Jet is here.


2 March 2010

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Elf (Original Mix) Bart Claessen 134 E major 9:31
Elf (2001 Returning Mix) Bart Claessen 134 A major 7:47
Elf (NES Returning Mix) Bart Claessen 135 C# minor 3:50
Paper Jet (Bart Claessen Big Room Remix) Paul Keeley 131 F minor 8:49

In his penultimate year of glory, the Dutchman ramped up his output & its preternature.

Elf (Original Mix)

Or he would have, if he had made this. The faithful WW2 revealed that this came from his friend Raz Nitzan, Max Graham, & Adrian Broekhuyse instead. Various retro styles have appeared on AB. From Michael Cassette to CaPa, antiques get new shines. Another old style made new is this, a primal synth from the byteless 70s. The blocky, stiff tech contrasts inordinately with the threnodial aurifery of the tune, which formed the second of the[1] Claessen Alps. This tune, the elegy of ecstasis, climaxes psychotomimetically: this drop is a cyberoperatic singularity. Chances to have your mind grapeshot & roasted are numerous but the minority. It requires the annihilation of your expectations. Elf does that to a T minus ten, blasting mercilessly: imagine if computer parts[2] had robotic orchestral backing, & souls. Impship denied, Elf is essential.

Elf (2001 Returning Mix)

This returns us to Claessen's usual, tribal-trance fusion style (emphasis on 'style'). That doesn't mean mundanity, though, the tune begins in the opening electrotrash. Accompanied by the same ancillary, nitid hype melody, this mix focuses on a new, convoluted synth, with the OM's simple synth in the background. Another eminent rework.

Elf (Fine Taste Remix)

From one retro style to another, this remix of the 2001 RM draws back to the early days of synth. We'll find the trilobites soon.
This slower, tender, balladic dirge makes a Mobius out of Nitzan's whip. Ultrafine.

Elf (NES Returning Mix)

You may have seen videos of computers or old machines rigged to make music. This is the OM converted to that style. All the great OM hits robotically shuffle & whirr, yet another retrospection to add to this diverse paleoart EP.