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6 September 2010

Mix Act BPM Duration
Empire (Original Mix) Super8 & Tab 125 7:58
Empire (Mike Shiver Remix) Super8 & Tab 136 7:21
Empire (Kyau & Albert Remix) Super8 & Tab 128 6:56
Empire (Samuel Jason Remix) Super8 & Tab 128 8:16
Empire (Lovetone Remix) Super8 & Tab 128 5:56

Next year's album of the same name didn't live up to this.

Empire (Original Mix)

The twelve-winged beast had some problems with songs that were actually made by other people, & some that were just fimicolous. But this tarab[1] shot put them back on top.
One minute in, we're greeted by the first two tunes, first a tripartite acclivity, slowly raising the keys & consciousness, & then electric beeps complementing the already choate holiness. Then Burton strolls out to fractalate our ears with his pearlesque, ultraluxurious voice with the Lennonist chorus, the following verses rhyming in monostichs.
The chorus is Juno Mission all over again, nearly too good for the brain, with the lyrics, beeps, piano & more spilling over each other. But it gets downright scotogenic in the minute from 5:53 where yet another declivity rolls up, & down the stave it goes, drizzling softly, yet harsher than 1703;[2] surprising & obvoluting & gratulating fresher than grapes still on the vine. S8 & T overfilled minds & hearts with this epiphany.

Empire (Music Video)

"Caution. Don't Think" promulgates the sign. "Consume", "Obey", & "Conform", others implore. They promise "Short-lived gratification". The overlords proclaim "Consumers not citizens", because being unrecognised as a legal resident is great. After this[3], Super8 & Tab present their version of Hasbro's Game of Life, named "Empire- the Game of Life". It could be better than Juden Raus. "Question A B" is what I would do if I heard that album.
The board game is mostly empty spaces that do nothing. He always lands on the "question" squares, which should be just cards. What would happen if he were to land on square 'B' without landing on "Question" first?
"This building is kept empty & useless by order of the owner despite it being in safe condition- Pointless Security Ltd." This soft blow from the multi-millionaires is undermined by the badgeless security guard in the "empty" building, who guards nothing. Also, it says "No smoking" in the background, so be more careful next time. They get chased, because they might steal nothing.
It's not as easy as choosing between winning & losing. But if they're in that situation, then his choices have obviously been good so far. Their unagitated walking displays an unearned confidence. Why is the last choice even there? Its pointlessness is superseded only by the sheer fremdscham of the CG graffiti. "No-one can stop us", whoever "us" is, or whatever "we" stand for, which is left vague. A "WAIT" crossing sign is vandalised with "Why?" Clearly though, it's so that people "cross with care" instead of die. Then he presses "Reboot universe" faster than a film executive, neglecting the woman, who could have at least pressed it with him, instead of being his trophy. Thanks for nothing, Ian.

Empire (Mike Shiver Remix)

After three minutes of experimentation, the Swede gives the Finns a new tune fit for the Andromedans. Another transmundane neuroclysm, the argute ratio of sadness to darkness, coupled & tripled & octodecatupled with the aurotherapeutic, recondite recondition of the Empire pattern. After his electric mayhem, he pairs the tune & climactic, cardiac apocalypse, an all-day golden sky of stars. Viva Shiver.

Empire (Kyau & Albert Remix)

When your clarity drops out, an earworm will do, say K & A with this nidorous scybalum. Simple semidemihemitunes will do in a pinch; they're not easily forgotten, even after decades or centuries. So neglect your duties, job, life, & family, & you can be more like K & A were this time!

Empire (Samuel Jason Remix)

No matter where you're from, this will exactly take you back to the rolling meadows & fields. That's where you're from, right? Anyway, this is what they're like. They're relaxed, never pausing or stomping, just moving at all times, like a tyre down Etna, pushing hard, but always at the same force. This triboluminescing Moon is Sam's ticket to heaven: the melody rivers along with soft thrashing & gold flecks, another encomiastic remix.

Empire (Lovetone Remix)

I dreamt that I was dancing to this. No surprise, since it's the uniquest thing in a while.
Lovetone apparently ignored the OM, wise for a song with several remixes, & went with his own chrysopeia. 80 alphabets of hurricanes couldn't rival this adimensional revolution in kalology: only listen if you have several tissues ready; it's irreversible.
Lovetone gave us two tunes & one semitune, compatible with both; they have no formula. Sadly, the tunes are secondary to that semitune, which gets a whole climax. So warm up your tear ducts, because no-one has ever come back. Imagine if the Titanic came out of the water instead. Point is, dekeracts have killed, so this one should.

Empire (Craig Connelly Remix)

I would recommend that he go into photocopier manufacturing, but he's spluttering & faulty even at that. Chinese whispers/telephone ends up hilarious when I play it, not so much for them.