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Sorry, this is the best I can do.


4 August 2003[1]; 1 May 2003[2]


Title Act Key BPM Duration
Epic (Original Mix) Rusch & Murray G minor 138 7:05
Epic (Above & Beyond Remix) Rusch & Murray G# minor 139 7:50

Greg Murray & Christian Rusch collaborated on this entirely online. In 2003. Which was a big achievement back then.

Epic (Original Mix)

Best of the Early years, Epic is genuinely monumental. This tune is winding without being convoluted (convolution isn't bad), & lasts the whole song. The tune is simplistic, & never changes: it is extremely iterative, yet is charming for just how piceous it is with an atmosphere which it would be banal without. Every set of 4 bars is identical, yet this is still (somewhat) supernal. This is worth listening to.

Epic (Above & Beyond Remix)

The solitary remix is from the labelheads themselves. The internet was execrable then.
Included in Anjunabeats Volume One & Anjunabeats 100, this is a more orthodox, predictable, structured style of trance.
This is just as iterative, without any of the alternativeness that made the OM so alluring. There is also a tuneless segment in the middle.
This remix is superfluous: it doesn't add anything new or better, & it isn't done from a new perspective or style. This effort is garbage.