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20 August 2012

Mix Act
Eventide Audien
Unity Audien


NR's style is a unique form of tubular 'hoon', a horn, but stretched out. To further distictify his brand, he has his own rubbery stringflips. Both of these are a platinic style, but tune is what makes music. Sadly, the only evening that happens here is the tune's notes, which are so flat, they're used to draw straight lines. Some tunes begin promisingly, conversely, angrily, but then taper off into morbid inconsequentiality. Torpedinous, airy, & resolving without any conflict, this would be an insult to science to call it agrostologic. Pyology, however, could study this.


Keeping the theme of starting again every two seconds, Unity should have been named Impunity for how icteritious this parasite is. Unlike Eventide, U shows no trace of a workable pleasantry, no fingerprint of a good time, no iota of a seed of promise. Eventide might be easy on the ears, though not the spirit, & Unity is a hard, unfeeling nail driven into flesh & bone. Indurate music should not be released, & indurate people must learn to feel.