Fallen Tides

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Announcing Mat Zo. (Via severe antaphrodisiac.)


17 March 2008

Mix Act BPM Duration
Fallen Tides (Original Mix) Mark Pledger vs Matt Hardwick 135 7:58
Fallen Tides (Simon Patterson Remix) Mark Pledger vs Matt Hardwick 138 7:47
Fallen Tides (Mat Zo Remix) Mark Pledger vs Matt Hardwick 132 8:45

This marks the introduction & subsequent conflagration of Matan Zohar.

Fallen Tides (Original Mix)

This anaemic turpitude is brought to us by Pledger & Matt Hardwick. From[1] the synopsis:
‘Fallen Tides’ DNA can be traced straight back to the S&P & Matt Hardwick classics ‘Day One’ & ‘Connected.’
Except that those songs are actually worth listening to & buying. So what's the difference? Well, Connected & Day One have Oliver Smith.
As I write, I constantly have my mind wandering to good music, despite my perfect attention span. That's how anaesthetic this is. Every drop of lassitude is filtered & distilled so much, that it now must be labeled 'distilled lassitude' for safety reasons. Don't microwave this & immediately take it out.
They mention how infrequent Hardwick is: Matt Hardwick: one of the most studio-shy DJs on the planet (5 productions in 6 years) & one of the most prolific, Mark Pledger: (a lot more than 5!) collaborate for our next release.
Couldn't Pledger set him straight? Ostensibly not, since Smith was guiding him all those years. Was Smith a good influence or teacher? Guidance was probably not intensive enough.
Melinda Gareh's vocals do nothing except attempt hypnosis. Every dull word is no alleviation of the undynamic duo.
Wihtout the stabilising, guiding, sagacious, talented, masterful, daedal, experienced, tried-&-tested, expertful, & luculent force of Oliver Smith, Matt & Mark flopped around, trying to figure out how to succeed. They fell by a large mark.

The 12" Dub is just a dub mix.

Fallen Tides (Simon Patterson Remix)

The three protracted expanses of tuneless recrement are interpolated with facsimiles of the OM's lead-up with undisruptive pads laid over. This remix is less like to the Joker, & more like[2] Sin Fang. Fortunately, the best hero swooped in.

Fallen Tides (Mat Zo Remix)

Herald the Master.

Even post-Damage Control, He commands ubermassive respect. Channel of God Mat Zo began His Anjunabeats career here.
This was His first use of the Rebound tune on Anjunabeats. After using it six months prior to remix Soliquid, this is it at its most subdued.
All the electrotrash is languorous. All the tune is the OM, pacified as much as possible, made as pabulary as possible so that no emotion can be had.
This is a vituperable introduction, & by far His worst release. He never did this again. The next two times He used the Rebound tune went numinously.