Far Away

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29 March 2010

Mix Act BPM Duration
Far Away (Original Mix) Nitrous Oxide 136 3:53
Far Away (Club Mix) Nitrous Oxide 136 7:07
Far Away (Ronski Speed Remix) Nitrous Oxide 134 8:14

Aneym has this to say about the second of six Dreamcatcher singles:[1]
Regarding ‘Far Away’; I will always remember co-writing with Justine Suissa, countless recordings and corrections, and the beginning of a friendship with Nitrous Oxide... Fans write me that they relate to my lyrics. It’s so rewarding and priceless. I remember one message from a supporter informing me that he proposed to his girlfriend while listening to ‘Far Away’. I was over the moon.

Far Away (Original Mix)

The piano & aerial synth are spectacular, like the heat death of the universe. It's amazing, but still not something you'd ever want.
The lush vacuity badly underscores Aneym's impassionate vocals. Contronymous? More than anything else.

Far Away (Ronski Speed Remix)

Which makes it a problem for remixing. Sadly, Ronnie began with nothing, & he gave us nothing. He can't create things out of nothing; he's not God. So he ran it through the ubiquitous orthodox trance converters‍‍™. His robotic disregard for human emotion reminds me of something.

Far Away (Club Mix)

Ah, yes, this was it. Pretkiewicz's (yawn) CM also exists. His usual method of CMing is one part extended mix, nineteen parts calling it a day. What distinguishes this from Ronski's? As much as distinguishes the iPhone from old Androids; blocks from Ronski's head; Trump from a parody [exp. 2020/2024]. This EP was so unnecessary, that March 29[2] is now a Day of Boredom in 8 countries. It's far away from usual quality standards.