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29 March 2010

Mix Act BPM Duration
Far Away (Original Mix) Nitrous Oxide 136 3:53
Far Away (Club Mix) Nitrous Oxide 136 7:07
Far Away (Ronski Speed Remix) Nitrous Oxide 134 8:14

Aneym has this to say about the second of six Dreamcatcher singles:[1]
Regarding ‘Far Away’; I will always remember co-writing with Justine Suissa, countless recordings and corrections, and the beginning of a friendship with Nitrous Oxide... Fans write me that they relate to my lyrics. It’s so rewarding and priceless. I remember one message from a supporter informing me that he proposed to his girlfriend while listening to ‘Far Away’. I was over the moon.
This is also listed as a "debut single"[2]; however, Amnesia was released first.

Far Away (Original Mix)

Building this song up into a lighter-than-air breath of trivial stationariness was like casting Andrew Garfield as Spiderman. You could have had something great, but you miscalculated the potential & ruined it. The nullambulance of this song rips apart any notion of tranquillity this song might have had. Whereas the climax is placid, its effect is shocking. As soon as 1:12 hits, the song takes on water & never recovers. Before that, it's a flaming kenshō.[3] Especially after 0:43, when the tune kicks in, the synth notes thunder with the fury of wounded hornets, & they spit magnitudes more acidically. Such acrimonious & alienesque writhing are enough to fulfill the entire song, sustaining its life as a boar to a boa. Sadly, the Wellsian, Vernesque vernality is cut short by a sappy axe KP has to grind. I cannot explain how treacly this is. It's the radio's approximation of sentimental. The lushest vacuity AB ever heard badly killed off whay was building up into a sensational ripper.

Far Away (Club Mix)

Pretkiewicz's yawnworthy CM also exists. His usual method of CMing is one part extended mix, nineteen parts calling it a day. What distinguishes this from Ronski's? As much as distinguishes the iPhone from old Androids; blocks from Ronski's head; politics from parody. This EP's opportunity was so unseized, that March 29[4] is now a Day of Boredom in 28 countries. It's far away from usual quality standards.

Far Away (Ronski Speed Remix)

Which makes it a problem for remixing. But Ronski had an easy out. Just take the first part, which was good, & base the whole remix around it. Simple! But instead, he took the good part & deflated it, leaving only an unemotional, metallic rendition that's as engrossing as a flat bounce house/jumping castle. This travesty was combined with the OM climax. Snatching defeat from the warm, soft jaws of victory, here comes our zonkering zero.