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29 March 2010

Mix Act
Fellowcraft (Original Mix) Roddy Reynaert
Warp (Original Mix) Roddy Reynaert
Amaranth (Original Mix) Roddy Reynaert

His songs titles vary from Fremou to Women Are Awesome. Here is most of his pentad.

Fellowcraft (Original Mix)

A Freemason who has attained the second-highest rank. Thank you so much, Reynaert, for teaching us this useless word, which is still the best thing to come of this etheromanic depression. To think, Reynaert was allowed to poison AD 02.

Warp (Original Mix)

This is what should have been included, since it's worth the time it takes: fuliginosity, torsion, & hiemality purgates well. This is also the first time on Anjunabeats that the clack-clackclackclack-clack-clack sound was used. It's almost too obvious that he didn't make this; WW2 exposed that this was made by Raz Nitzan, Omnia! & The Blizzard! of all people, making Phoenix From The Flames their second appearance.

Amaranth (Original Mix)

Pigweed never sounded better. Either of these tracks would have been better than Fellowcraft. Their umbriferity outclasses Reynaert's usual allochezia any day. Amaranth isn't even good, & it makes Fellowcraft look like the degrading of the 'a' that it is. One out of three is bad, especially when it turns out to be one out of everything he ever did. Stay obscure, shoddy. He's less Raymond Aubrac, & more Raymond Abellio; less like Jacques Costeau, & more like Pierre-Antoine- actually, no, he's just like Jacques Costeau. He's less like Coco Chanel, & more like- oh, wait, he is.