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Pester. Molester.


27 August 2012

Mix Act
Fiesta (Original Mix) Super8 & Tab
Fiesta (Tom Fall Remix) Super8 & Tab

Fiesta (Original Mix)

Halfway between albums, the Finns kept improving. Whereas Empire is untouchable, Unified would be untouchable in a good way. Their ascent was climbed on stones as this, which is named truthfully. This is how festive it could get then, for roughness & grit in parties. This begins with multiple drums going off together, to announce the mood of this fest. The gaps are where they need to be. The shaking percussion writhes away. The bass grinds up the piperine drums in the crucible of neon ice. This is a spree to remember.
The high-pitched, popping drums are the cherry ice-cream, & the cherry as well. The snatches of siren blares are at home in the stadium, more needed than the floor we stand on. These cruorically extend to mimic the small squiggles, giantism & gigantism enflourished into that bold, airy feel of the festival.
2:25 is an iapetic oxygenboarding, scrapping the scrap in favour of just getting straight to the action. Music can't wait, & can't be heard either. The deceptively simple base lays the groundbricks for a later nautilus, repeating without much exflection, yet pulling pylons tighter, tension heating the cords around us. Their 2:40 snare release must be commended, a well-served dish of chilled nola peppers. The unforgottenest tuneless hallmark of Fiesta, however, is the windtunnel that turbines with two short bumps, then scrapes the skull with one long banshee drill. The vocal sample, saying "fiesta", adds a sombre, plaintive pensivity even though it's not sung, & barely inflected. The other one, a wailing plug, fits right into this party socket. As a climax, the tune is even more tolerable, but what makes this worthwhile is the apical bonuses, starting with the pianos banging tunelessly, volting & jolting with just a quickly repeated rhythm. But the only hit to the sweet spot of this whole celebration is the slow pianos that repetitively waltz over the climax, No Frontiers-style. This set of forks jabs, identically, yet successfully, from the weary 5 out of 8 structure, & the morose bluntness it cuts. This is a part of their rise of AB, style & all.

Fiesta (Tom Fall Remix)

From the fiesta, to the jester. TF canceled the tuneful climax to make room for wastetrash, & copied & pasted the OM, & decked it with a little synth that does less than the Paris Climate Agreement. Sadly he would return years later.