First Aid

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"First Aid"
The inception.
Single by Super8 & Tab
A-side First Aid (Original Mix)
B-side First Aid (Perry O'Neil Remix)
Released 10 May 2005
Super8 & Tab singles chronology

ANJ046 Helsinki Scorchin'
Mix Act BPM Key Duration
First Aid (Original Mix) Super8 & Tab 138 F major 7:35
First Aid (Perry O'Neil Remix) Super8 & Tab 130 F minor 9:34

Super8 & Tab have released two albums & show no sign of termination. This is where their confederacy began.


First Aid (Original Mix)

The first half of this is dross, leaving two minutes for the tune. Thankfully, it jumps into a sophisticated, hiemal tune, phenomenally lachrymatory, & dressed with tenebrosity. This is not a disappointment.

First Aid (Perry O'Neil Remix)

If you don't care at all about your precious time alive, listen to this.
Ten minutes of the first four minutes of the OM is an intolerable expanse of complete recrement. Nothing happens at all in this wasteland of illimitable ordure.
Please do not listen to this. You have been warned. The rest of Volume 3 isn't so seraphic either.