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10 March 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
First Division (Original Mix) Anhken 133 G# major 7:40
First Division (Planisphere Remix) Anhken 130 D# minor 8:27
First Division (Planisphere Extended Remix) Anhken 130 D# minor 11:28

Anhken's debut is worse than his name.

First Division (Original Mix)

First Division is quite ostensibly not that:
first division (plural first divisions): (US, chiefly baseball, dated) The half of the standings containing the teams with the best records.
It sounds more like a reference[1] to Football League First Division.
Or it would be, if he hadn't released 'Second Division' on two labels:
second division (plural second divisions): (US, chiefly baseball, dated) The half of the standings containing the teams with the worst records. Either way, he is insinuating that this song is the best he has to offer. Which is unfortunate, because First Division is a languid, otiose bane.
Every plangent, plinkly anaphrodisiac shoved down only exacerbates an already unbearable inanilioquy. The tune has no life nor care in it.

First Division (Planisphere Remix)

After using the word 'domicile' incorrectly, they misspell[2] Planisphere's name. Laurent Véronnez & his amazing Wikipedia resumé (which includes the subtitle 'Rising Up') is better known as Airwave. The same who remixed Air For Life & Need For Cognition. From Brussels came these excerpts: 'The name Airwave went big outside Western Europe', 'enter the hall of fame of Trance Music', 'took some time off to raise a family. Airwave went back to work on new music in 2010 but had to face a different music world ahead which left him a bit doubtful.', & a link to the Airwave Facebook fan page. It's stirring stuff.
The manager of Bonzai Records has a surprisingly sappier[3] biography on his website, which also advertises his app. Yes, an app (similar to Ferry Corsten's), which even Anjuna doesn't have at the time of writing.
However, all of that bragging about being the king of 'psybient' is accurate. Interpolated between electrotrash climaxes is the original mix copied & pasted. That means that nothing is changed.
& what of the climaxes.
Theopneusty. Psychotica. Neurotica.
Right from the first I heard this, I was torrefied. Thankfully, there is an extended mix.
This is the way that it should be. Minimum 8 minutes, with extended to 11. Thank you, Planisphere.