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15 March 2011

Mix Act
Follow You (Original Mix) Nitrous Oxide
Follow You (Club Mix) Nitrous Oxide
Follow You (Maor Levi Remix) Nitrous Oxide
Follow You (Johan Malmgren Remix) Nitrous Oxide
Follow You (Hazem Beltagui Remix) Nitrous Oxide

Follow You (Original Mix)

The final Dreamcatcher single eases through the needlessly silent build-up to the string of verses & instrumental gaps. They're unctuous, in a greasy way, since they're completely unnecessary & bland. The verses only serve to neutralise whatever scent of activity the instrumentals had, making the first two minutes & nine seconds worthless. Normally, verses are a useful way to torture us with the suggestion of what's coming up, showcasing the potential of the climax to come. Here, the verses are church bread gone stale, inbetween instrumentals that seem more repetitive the less intense they get. Eventually, among the forest of styles of lead-ups, from angelic synth style, to the loud-quiet dichotomy, the vocals & instrumentals eventually get unctuous in the slick way, gelling to make a cornucopia spilling with fragrant berries & sweet cheeses. The instrumentals reach their heights in these alpine depths, iterating & revolving chainsawly, eventually coming to a point, unleashing the torrent of despair upon us. The vocals are indispensable, whipping their pearlesque charm to the bone of these instrumentals, crying with agony & drawling in the right place to make a unified engine of grief. This climax haunts more than the Wilhelm Gustloff, incremating the air. What a virtuous circle. This would be squared later.

Follow You (Music Video)[1]

This truly deserved its video, unlike some other songs. The director, M Sterzynski, is a Pole, like N2O & Aneym. Sadly, we did not get a trifecta today. The most common & shameful way to show your inexperience with telling stories is to begin it with the protagonist waking up in a normal way. It is not only boring, but also shows your oversimple perception of time. I also do not appreciate the ass shot at 0:13. It's unneeded & unsightly, & would still be even if this weren't a subtly Christian song.
From an interview[2]: Interviewer: Which track has been your biggest success until now, and what do you remember most from the production process?
Aneym: I would choose two songs; ‘Follow You’ and ‘Far Away’ made with Nitrous Oxide. We worked really hard to achieve the satisfying results. I remember one particular night when I wrote ‘Follow You’; I did my evening prayer asking the Holy Sprit to bless me with his wisdom. I was struggling with the lack of inspiration at that time. I went to bed and out of the blue I had lot of thoughts, ideas and expressions along with a vocal melody ready to be written. Everyone around me was sleeping when I was experiencing a miracle. It was an unforgettable feeling. It was like a daydreaming. Next morning, after 2 hours of sleep, I wrote almost the whole song!
Yes, I do believe in God. I’m a Catholic. God is in the first place in my life. I owe Him everything. He inspires and guides me through. I feel His presence and grace every single day. In my songs I often write about God, faith. I have experienced a lot of miracles in my life. I think being an artist, being able to write, sing and perform is a miracle. Anyway, Sterzynski's snoreful vid is mostly a woman running around unremarkable streets, then driving to a snowy forest to meet the man himself. Not Jesus; that would've been hilarious. It's just KP this time. His absurdly faltering smile at 3:02 & the reflection in the car at 3:04 sum it up as well as I did.

Part 1: where Pretkiewicz is Jesus 2: Save Harder.
Part 2: Somehow I doubt the line 'I give up all my wealth, just like You said'.

Follow You (Club Mix)

A swift, usual conversion would have been better than this. This CM ruins the whole tune, flattening, buttering, & smoothing out all the deviance that made the OM not just laudable, but listenable in the first place. How could someone hear the OM & think 'Hm, needs to be blander'. Don't shower in spider venom.

Follow You (Maor Levi Remix)

Later beaten down by Andrew Bayer, Levi thankfully ignored the OM, which was for the best. A Drink For Calamity Jane sounds better when it's fired up. There are more remixes of FY than the usual AB song gets, & that's because it was the subject of a remix competition. I don't need to listen to a single one of the hundreds of other remixes to know that this one is the best.
I just listened to several of them, from Progressive House Worldwide artist Intrinity, Aneym collaborator Sceleton, Aneym recommendee Gyeo, Kaimo K, Soulphones, Matt Bukovski, Terranaut, & Stereopole, & their worth combined is not even a quinvigintillionth of what a sliver of this is worth, because their collective worth is zero. This, per contra, is quality outmaxed.
ML has had many styles, from the darkly subneural one he had on AD, to the crushing aggro techbass he perfected in 2013. But inbetween, he had this one, as seen in his remix of Slow To Learn. The features include a line of crashing thunderclaps, as heard half a minute in, a constant atmospheric stream of ambient, magical auratism blinding your ears with coruscant, twinkling shimmers. But the main feature is the megatranslucent way the sound diaphanises, getting transparent not just to light, but to direction, sound, & space. Tragically, this was one of the last of times this transrealist style would roar. This time, he intramentally tintumutated, starting with an alien vocal warp, then progressing through perfunctory etrash. The tune intro then springs life into existence, laying it all out without showing the whites of the eyes, making a merely acceptable song into a stratopsychic spectacle, holding a cup of life to the lips of the vocals. Injecting every word of the vocals with quantum vigour, the instrumentals iterate into a glaciomarine lake of Kelvinless fire. The vocals are unloseable, the electrophones are thunderplinking, & the tune is indispensable before the climax even hits. 5:24 will elevate you to the thrones' throne room. 'Hell' is German for 'clear', & clearly, this is Valhalla, a hell valley of whole value. Despite being just as repetitive, this is starloads better. The drumlike synth beats away the displeasure & dissatisfaction the OM gave, & replaces it with a rosebed of two notes & more vocal cuts. Each particle of this masterpiece outshines the OM.
FY, ADFCJ, & this mix are as close as 3 stars in the same arm of a galaxy are. & this outshines the rest.

Follow You (Johan Malmgren[3] Remix)

Released a few months later, this pseudo-change should have been released never. The progressive trance with a slight metal twist conversion has no original slant, nor one iota's atom of deviation. One tiny stylistic change with no tuneful change condemns him. I'm glad Mr[4] Orebranch[5] never returned. I'd be happier if he never touched an instrument again.

Follow You (Hazem Beltagui Remix)[6]

Another departure; in other words, a mix with a chance. HB killed it: keeping it dark from the first step, this journey is a punch of moroseness. When I was at the dentist, he found a vein in my arm with which to inject sedatives. When he pushed it into my veins, I felt the liquid circulate my forearm, then my eyes weakened, then pure blackness. That's this.