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3 April 2004[1]

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Mix Act Key BPM Duration
Forever (Vocal Mix) Smith & Pledger C major 138 7:09
Forever (Instrumental Mix) Smith & Pledger A minor 138 7:07

Forever (Vocal Mix)

This song is an example of the dulcifluous nature of Smith & Pledger. As the mellifluity demonstrates, it's more like Smooth & Pleasure. That's no exaggeration: this song is one of several inestimably precious songs made by Oliver & Mark.
From a biography[2] of Carrie Skipper:
Carrie ended up co-writing & singing Smith & Pledger's single, "Forever".
She is brilliant on this.

Forever (Instrumental Mix)

'Instrumental' means that the vocals have been replaced with an instrument. Here, the vocals have just been not subtracted for the IM.
Dulcifluous is an apt description: the tune is elegant, & replete with dolour. The vocals augment the pleasure. So thankfully, this has a couple of remixes.