Forever (The Remixes)

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Click here for the OM.
The designations[1] are really ADD-001 A/B for the Mark Norman Vocal & Dub mixes, & [ADD-001 C/D] for the Aspekt Vocal & Dub mixes. That's because these mixes were released on AnjunaDigital, a now defunct sublabel of Anjunabeats. These remixes were the first releases on AnjunaDigital.


Mix Act
Forever (Mark Norman Vocal Mix) Smith & Pledger
Forever (Mark Norman Dub Mix) Smith & Pledger
Forever (Aspekt Vocal Mix) Smith & Pledger
Forever (Aspekt Dub Mix) Smith & Pledger

Forever (Mark Norman Vocal Mix)

This opens the climax with electrotrash. This has some difference, though only from sinuating (twisting) the instrumentals of the OM. This is more electronic than the OM. The tune is invariant, however, so this is just a slight conversion with minimal effort.

Forever (Aspekt Vocal Mix)

Included in Anjunabeats Volume Two, this is a completely original reappropriation of the vocals: this mix is more downbeat, aka slower & not as active, & is more acoustic. The tune is inferior to the ambrosial OM. This simplistic tune is conveyed through long, sweeping sounds. This is definitely the best remix of Forever.