Forgive Me / Piece Of Me

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Janus could not be more duplicitous.


27 July 2010

Mix Act
Forgive Me (Original Mix) Daniel Kandi
Piece Of Me (Original Mix) Daniel Kandi

Forgive Me (Original Mix)

Song titles consistently amaze. Some are abjectly eye-catching, & some are paragons. Forgive Me, meanwhile, is the most autonymous thing our species has made.
Aural bruxism is too kind for this hail of coproliths. You should hope that your experience is bland, & not setting fire ants on your soul. Why should we forgive Kandi for this Vol 8-deadening, nuplifting insipience?

Piece Of Me (Original Mix)

Because of this. Vol 8 stupefies thanks to this Venerian lightning storm. The resipiscent Kandi preluded POM with a blend of soft-electro & salsatheque, foreshadowing the angelicness. The frantic neotropics smoothly abrade the pacific synth sliding in & out, already incandescing, superfluids vinaceously flowing about unpredictably. They thankfully get their own Field of Aaru, blissing crazier & pulsing smoother. The fluous technogeny is one part of this Skewe's number lottery: the next part is the volatile electrical percussives, but the most memorable part of POM is the spectral tintinnabulants.
These neuroactively off-kiltered & rebounding, resounding, confounding profound bells pentaracting, the future & past of oneironautics, new dimensions broken. A little piano further extremifies this oxygen ice.
Sometimes, black holes are the brightest things in the universe, when they explode. That's the case here, with Kandi's chlorine trifluoride smoothie. & yet.

Piece Of Me (Alternative Beach Mix)

We didn't need this. One year later, this is neither an alternative, nor is it any more 'beach' than the OM. The one picoscopic change is that he added a faint electrotrash background. It does nothing.