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4 June 2007

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Formalistick (Original Mix) Stephen J Kroos 135 A# major 6:42
Formalistick[1] (Stephen J Kroos Remix) Stephen J Kroos 106 A# major 6:55
Formalistick (Mhiniteck Remiks) Stephen J Kroos 128 C minor[2] 6:02
Formalistick (Leon Bolier Remix) Stephen J Kroos 135 A minor 6:27

Kroos' proclivity for obsolete orthography continued with this. Webster's glamour[3] notwithstanding, the Dutchman presented the thoughts he'd had that day in this crime.

Formalistick (Original Mix)

What better way to convey pulchritude than with the worst colour imaginable? This is scientifically the worst[4] (type of) colour: greenish-brown.
& no, Suru does not count. It's dark green. & also on such another level, that 'level' is a wrong word for it. To convey how recrementitious this is: Anjunabeats never used Pantene 440s again.
& it's not solitarily the colour warning you. Formalistick might induce the illusion of strict adherence to a given form of conduct or practice, or the tendency to elevate formal above expressive value in music, as in serialism (music, especially from the 20th century, in which themes are based on a definite order of notes of an equal-tempered scale). & Reihenmusik this might be. Because knowing Kroos' intellect, this is probably a misspelling of formulaic.
All allure is dashed against talc with broken glass in it when the climax drops. Released in his 2010 album as well, he probably couldn't wait out of fear that somebody would release it before him.
If you ever want to feel disoriented & you have no psychotropics, just listen to this: it's dazzling, yet formulaic; titillating, yet bland; orthodox, yet South American; entertaining, yet iterative. The volume loops up & down on a jet-powered penny-farthing. Adequate for an album, Anjunabeats' standards say. Quotidian, Kroos' vastitudinous output asseverates.

Formalistick[5] (Stephen J Kroos Remix)

Not a club mix! Just one of his many remixes, this is the OM, lower. Otherwise invariant.
Feel the sorcery of music-making.

Formalistick (Mhiniteck Remiks)

I find many surprising things on my enterologic expeditions. Pure recrement ahoy! I can't understand why this has the Anjunabeats 'a' on it. When ignominy is invited, it comes. & stays to your dying breath. & afterwards.

Formalistick (Leon Bolier Remix)

The Love Spreadin' of 2007 managed to rope in another Dutchman: Leendert Wouter[6] Bolier, a classically trained sucker for ordure. He has done some actually scintillating things, so his solitary appearance[7] here is unfortunate.
With all of his other guises, it is contemptible that he should waste his time with this. So he didn't. It's enteroenteric.