Formula Rossa

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Red Formula.


27 November 2011

Mix Act
Formula Rossa (Original Mix) Above & Beyond
Formula Rossa (Jaytech Remix) Above & Beyond
Formula Rossa (Nitrous Oxide Remix) Above & Beyond

Formula Rossa[1]

Their third instrumental single commemorated the fastest roller coaster, found in Abu Dhabi, & opened on 4 November 2010. 1.7 g is the intent of the climax, which is a tuneless blare, a royal synth that lasts thirty seconds before fading away. The intended innovation is clear, but not made well at all.[2] A better experiement would be to extend it to half an hour with slowly decreasing horn, one that wasn't obscured or touched, a siren as fierce as sunlight in space, that truly commanded the name of 'Formula Rossa'. As for the tune, the small ditty is better handled in KP's mix.

Formula Rossa (Jaytech Remix)

JC skipped over the tune, & dropped his personal sauce all over it, which is one of his remix styles. Mere Jaytechification is time-neutering. Like he did with Rubicon, this is a cut-&-dry cut-&-paste waste. The humbag should not get away with it.

Formula Rossa (Nitrous Oxide Remix)

N2O is the only one here who knew what he was doing, & his name was unspellable. He boosted the tune with his masterstroke of genius, the tuneful climax, crunching it up & dressing it down to the bare basics, the seed of ayahuasca planted firmly in Tasmanian soil. Or maybe not; but this is as good as FR'll be.