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26 October 2010

Mix Act BPM Duration
Fracture (Original Mix) Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer 128 7:01
Fracture (David West Remix) Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer 128 8:24
Fracture (Beckwith Remix) Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer 128 8:16

Their penultimate collaboration, & final alone, is not in any annual. Why?

Fracture (Original Mix)

Because this is the furthest cry from the days of To The Six. I would expect Fracture from SJK on a classy blue moon. Slicker than Mexico's gulf, this is nothing more than a crackling intro stretched out on the rack to seven melophobic minutes. They even faked a tune, a common trick, where the song goes quiet & solemn, but more happens in the KBC. Thankfully, they had two more to help them the next time in their burned up relationship.

Fracture (David West Remix)

The ball-roller returned to give us dark audiowater. This retro-BT spun a spiderling's web, minimal lygophilia contrasting with the Ozian style. The Addams family plus sleeping pills gives us one David messed.

Fracture (Beckwith Remix)

This debut could not have gone better. To defracture helium ice is his highest prestige. Here, he did it ad literam.
Paul's spin on Fracture is an even lubriciouser gel. This slithery, sleek brain-unlocker takes up most of the time, & even robs us of a tuneful climax, so it's good that it's a benison. It foreparties with neo-sci-fi haunting of a trillion ghosts, a chrysophilic set-up for the irruption.
3:46 introduces us to violins from CVSO 30: from a 30 cm UFO comes a 5 km tune, apparently simple, but Midas touching all over & in. Aureity doesn't begin to explain, platination covers a hair's width; there is no metal to compare this otherworld import to.
After drinking all the sarsparilla in Tir Na Nog, the acoustics return to spur on the superluminal spacetime griller. It's only two minutes, but it feels forever.[1]
At 5:47, it all recedes back into the Indian Ink Ocean, pre-tsunami style, returning with a chilling, minimal superwave. Hear the paradox for yourself.

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