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2 April 2012

Mix Act
Fragments (Original Mix) Answer42 & P8
Fragments (Guy J Remix) Answer42 & P8
Aria (Original Mix) Answer42 & P8

Fragments (Original Mix)

4:16 is the number of the day. The first four minutes could be excised, but AD 04 would be better off if all seven minutes were dumped. What is wrong with Fragment? The 'a' stamped proudly upon this jpeg of a windowpane tops the list. Both notes used in Fragments are indigestible, yet slimy. The superb arrogance of minimalism & pseudopsychedelia is a pretentious strangling of sound. Thankfully, Pasquale Nuzzowas never made music again, but for AD, it was too late. This shotgun marriage of a wilting, lilting fakeshift whine & metallic bangs should have no place among energetic, emoving, & filling music. The transition is favourable, though neither side of it is tolerable.

Fragments (Guy J Remix)

Those fragments of a good song were pieced to make an even barer timeleech. Guy J returned years later to be #1 on AD (sales) with his mosquitoed remix of Tuesday Maybe. His mind-obstructing headaches are pins in the nose, a poker to the eardrums. Hisn ame means spiritual death.

Aria (Original Mix)

This was not written for a solo voice with orchestral accompaniment in an opera or cantata, but it is nonetheless better than anything previous. Sadly, the lightdrain is cut down to a brief flash of darkness, then drowned in sewage. The faint talent in Aria is a repetitive, yet convincingly threatening joy to fear. The overlaid squirls are a cruelly nice touch, but this moment adds up to a brave trek up Everest that nevertheless ended in death, like so many courageous tries. Keep moving, or die.