Fremou / Zerga

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13 July 2010

Mix Act
Fremou (Original Mix) Roddy Reynaert
Zerga (Original Mix) Roddy Reynaert

With this too-slacker, Reynaert established his acephalia, & took his unspellable name, his ghostwritten material, & gangrenous cinerea home. Fremou doesn't even pretend to be a real song. But I’ll try something new & say some nice things about Rod. His music is audible, isn’t country, and contains no offensive words. Back to cloddy. Fremou has all the creativity you would expect from someone who just escaped from a gulag with his fat friend, killed him with his bare hands, & ate the meat raw. (A common, true story.) One molecule of Zerga would poison a whole ocean. Don't drink his Ice-13.