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30 October 2011

Mix Act Duration
From The Earth (Original Mix) Andrew Bayer 5:34
From The Earth (Club Mix) Andrew Bayer 4:34
From The Earth (Breakfast Remix) Andrew Bayer 8:14
From The Earth (Oliver Smith Remix) Andrew Bayer 8:49

From The Earth (Original Mix)

The second of three singles was another of Bayer's checklist songs: those that aren't mindripping enough to stay with you, but are accomplishments enough that since these mildly interesting tunes have been written out, humankind never needs to hear them again. Even the title is fittingly final & definitive: 'It's what we do', it says to us. 'This is humanity', it pontificates, explaining exegetically. 'This isn't great, but tolerable'. This is also another of his rippling, soft water lightcracks into heavier elektronika, as seen in Nexus 6. This time, there's a new tinnitus to hurry away from, but at least the main bells peal with some pinch of a new direction. Best accolade they'll get.
The afterwash is best, simplifying to its extramundane roots. There is something good after all; but you have the album anyway, don't you.

From The Earth (Original Mix) (Music Video)

Bayer's dead brother (to who this song is dedicated?) would be insulted by this cheaptastic video- I am. Why do these millionaires keep skimping on ideas? They're free.
These bloodless shots, however, are boredom porn. The visionary, prodigious neo-Kubrick this time is Damien Wasylski, filmer of Alan Moore one time[1] & nothing else.[2] No trace on Google, good work. Not so "rising" after all.
What were these anticreative shots for? This precursed other AB videos. & yes, it is 6:20. Compare it to the song. No substance was added, just silent, uninteresting construction in initio.
Tweaking it slightly for DJ and dancefloor purposes, Bayer's own Club Mix is included in the package. So that's why it sounds egestive.

From The Earth (Club Mix)

Removing the tinnitial ear-rack is giving air to a burning person. This is mysteriously worse, however, since the best part has been replaced with a wet kickdrum, & it's a minute shorter than the OM, truly a new, synanthrophic, misanthropic, gallous direction.

From The Earth (Breakfast Remix)

The first time Casey did this hit not the heights of the next, but this could have been sweet practice: a minute in & already he's simplified, galvanised, & blared the jet train of FTE. It would be just what Kyau & Albert did to You Got To Go, but he added sporadic piano that made Tellurians proud when the OM didn't. The second climax ends too soppily to praise, but he went on to make better things anyway.

From The Earth (Oliver Smith Remix)

Now, I realise that Smith does actually have a unique (tune) style. Sadly, it's only noticeable when he lands on his neck. This unthinkable periproct-cream is the neutering of the OM, which was bad before OS dropped his unique lack of style all over it. It's magical: everything's there, but in C minor, there's nothing to feel. It was only a small step to the lampshades from this.