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Genix is Damion [sic] Houchen, an Englishman who used to have the world record for the longest DJ set. Now, he has the record for the highest DJ set.[1]

Designation EP Year Collaborator
ANJ203 Helion 2011 Mike Koglin
ANJ228 Dyno 2012 Mike Koglin
ANJ245 Aura / Nytra 2012
ANJ257 Destinations / Moments 2012
ANJ268 Immersion 2013 Lange
ANJ280 Stateside / United 2013
ANJ311 Run 2014
ANJ326 Durban / Breather 2014
Song Act Year Collaborator
Caffeine 7 Skies 2010
Sun 2011 Slusnik Luna 2011
Home Above & Beyond 2013
Anjunabeach Above & Beyond 2014 Las Salinas