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18 September 2006

Mix Artist BPM Key Duration
Get Off (Original Mix) Super8 138 C minor 9:15
Get Off (Gabriel Batz Remix) Super8 134 D# major 8:09

This was the final solo release from Super8 (before Aalto's 5 & Helsinki Scorchin').

Get Off (Original Mix)

Anjunabeats Volume 4 is immensely better due to this.
The tune arrives nearly halfway through- & it is worth any wait. This lachrymal sensation was included in Volume Four & TATW Webvote Winners 02 for a reason- it's seraphic.
Unfortunately, there's only one climax. It's virtuosic: the dolour doesn't stop piling up, with piano ambrosia & electrophones stellifying this already meteoric song.
Get Off deserves so much. Unfortunately, it has just one remix.

Get Off (Gabriel Batz Remix)

This remix is repugnant. This is unoriginal, insultingly lazy (wow, he changed two whole notes!) & worthless. Avoid this. It won't be difficult.