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3 October 2011

Mix Act
Get To Know You Vincenzo
The Notebook Vincenzo

Get To Know You

Christian's debut was followed up on two years later. This laconic album-maker started off on the worst foot possible, in the worst direction he could, & still he fell off Qingshui. The oldest track in AD 04 is the same tardigrade, retrograde Ganges-shake we'll get used to drinking from him, especially in his Book of Carcinogenesis. GTKY is an accurate title: this is the real him, rhyparographer-in-chief, hákarlburger chef extraordinaire. Thankfully, he's vanished, though his years haven't.

The Notebook

If only GTKY had been deleted, V would have been hailed. TN is the antegrade discarnation of eastern instruments & the best way to use them: cold, clysmic calm is the hottest part of this holocaust[1]. Hyperfusion & hyperlusion mark this quantum pataphysics, twisted at the final bend for what AD was meant to be.

  1. A sacrifice that is completely burned to ashes.