Getting Away

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"Getting Away"
The worst of Tranquility Base.
Single by Tranquility Base
A-side Getting Away (Original Mix)
B-side Getting Away (Leama & Moor Remix)
Released 11 April 2004
Tranquility Base singles chronology

Surrender "Getting Away" Oceanic


Mix Act BPM Duration
Getting Away (Original Mix) Tranquility Base 140 8:24
Getting Away (Leama & Moor Remix) Tranquility Base 130 9:02

Tranquility Base's third release was the only one that was not celestial. After the deiform Razorfish & Surrender, this dreck is released.

Getting Away (Original Mix)

Pretty faint.

Don't let the numbering fool you- this banal tune cannot be saved by the pleasant tintinnabulating ascensions & declensions. While the tune is dynamic, it is prosaic & boundlessly unmemorable.
The second climax has an adjuvant, unflawed dolorous melody that extenuates the vapidity, though not to much effect. It would have been much better suited to a different song.
Nonetheless, Getting Away is soporific at best. It is a great pity that this misfortune wastes space in Anjunabeats Volume Three. Do not check this out.

Getting Away (Leama & Moor Remix)

It takes five minutes to get to what appears to be a tune. It is caliginous, & as dynamic as the OM, though essentially the OM in a lower key. It is preferable to the OM. It isn't brilliant, however.
By the way, Leama & Moor are Andy Moor & Martin Leama. They made an album together.