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This is a glossary of terms used on this wiki. If it isn't here, search for it on Wiktionary.

Term Definition
act Includes all those who make music. A single person, e.g. Kahwe is an act, as is a duo e.g. Norin & Rad, a trio, & so on.
AM Alternative Mix.
climax The part of the song where most energy is expended; the thrashing centrepiece. Can be tuneful or tuneless.
CM Club Mix.
DM Dub Mix.
drop The moment that the climax begins.
electrotrash Electronic bass usually placed at the beginning & end of a song, before & after the tune.
EM Extended Mix.
EP Extended Play. A single release. Can be one, two, three, four, five etc songs. Includes remixes within the release.
extro The intro + outro.
foretune/overtune The part of the song that you focus on, but it most likely would be tuneless without the undertune.
IM Instrumental Mix.
legatise To turn a set of distinct, separable sounds into one flow. From 'legato'.[1] See also staccatise.
LP An EP with more mixes in it. Used almost as a synonym for album.
mix This includes OMs & remixes.
OM Original Mix. An original song.
outro The exiting electrotrash. Like the intro, but at the end.
percurrent Electrotrash that goes through the whole song.
remix A version of an original song that is different enough to be claimed as someone else's, yet has enough ties to the original to be recognisably inspired by it. Some get this wrong, by either divorcing it too much from the OM, or not changing it enough.
selling out Aka the fall of man, or postlapsarianism, this means abandoning or betraying one's principles to seek profit or other personal advantage. Happened after ANJ391/ANJDEE266.
semitune Aka hemitune or demitune. A melody that is not a tune per se, but works like one when paired with one.
sleeve The artistic cover of an EP.
staccatise To turn a smooth, unbroken flow into a set of separable sounds. From 'staccato'.[2] See also legatise.
undertune/subtune The part of the song that doesn't get the most attention, but provides all of the emotion.
VM Vocal Mix.