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5 March 2007

Mix Act Duration
Good For Me (Original Mix) Above & Beyond 5:43
Good For Me (Above & Beyond Club Mix) Above & Beyond 8:52
Good For Me (Darren Tate Remix) Above & Beyond 8:44
Good For Me (King Roc Remix) Above & Beyond 9:07
Good For Me (Redanka Remix) Above & Beyond 6:54
Good For Me (Thomas Datt Bootleg Mix) Above & Beyond 7:26
Good For Me (DJ Funktional's Down & Out Breaks Remix) Above & Beyond 6:46

Good For Me (Original Mix)

Remember our good friend Vardran? That's how vituperable this is.
Good For Me is an enervation that sounds & feels plucked from the mainstream. An Idi Amin-worthy stain of ordure that any person with five minutes & a migraine can compose. & sell out, they did quite effectively: this, or rather, the identical club mix, won A State Of Trance Tune Of The Year 2006, despite having no tune nor care at all. This Guinea worm dripping excreta is best forgotten, & relegates Tri-State to second best/worst A & B album.
This definitely did not deserve to see the light of day, let alone remixes.

Good For Me (Above & Beyond Club Mix)

Demonstrating the same amount of creativity & integrity as the OM, this recrementitious version will leave you hacking & writhing on the floor for oxygen. This is literally just a conversion of the OM to orthodox trance. & it's nine minutes too, to maximise the wastage.

Good For Me (Darren Tate Remix)

Darren Tate, exemplifying his talent to be seen in his songs Vespers & Electrified, delivers the solitary gemstone of this EP.
His original daedal flares with piano & emotion, putting the disgraceful Above & Beyond to the ignominy that they are.

Good For Me (King Roc Remix)

King Roc, who you might remember from A Sort Of Homecoming, contributed this 'atmospheric' remix. Here's the synopsis from the YouTube posting:
Our throwback this week comes courtesy of British producer King Roc, who lent his hand to our 2007 Tri-State single 'Good For Me’. Martin unfortunately left us far too soon, but his musical legacy lives on in this wonderfully atmospheric remix.
I infer that he's dead. Few necrologies are as pleasing as this. His remix is awful. Although it has marginal effort compared to most of the remixes, it's still putrid. & if the best thing about it that the people who loved him can say is 'atmospheric', then it's ostensibly dross.
[Born 1957 Britain. Died November 2012 of an aneurysm in his forehead & Berlin. The comments on this page[1] are this remixes'[2] inverted.]

Good For Me (Redanka Remix)

This YouTube[3] auto-generation says it all.
This is a copying & pasting with the most yoctoscopic of alterations; the template of lazy remixing. In other words, this is completely unoriginal. This disgusting lack of creativity poisons the well of Anjunabeats.

Good For Me (Thomas Datt Bootleg Mix)

Datt, or Funktional? Who knows!

Yes, that's right. Thomas Datt's own YouTube[4] channel says that his remix is DJ Funktional's.
Are they really so uncreative that they can't tell the difference between their remixes? Yes.
Datt returned four years later with better results. At least he didn't try to get away with mediocrity by calling it a 'bootleg' that time.
Oh, & by the way, this remix, whoever it's by (Datt's by the duration), is a complete ripoff of the OM. Which is a ripoff per se.

Good For Me (DJ Funktional's Down & Out Breaks Remix)

7285 subscribers (to Above & Beyond[5] - Topic), 20 views, 0 ratings, except for my dislike.
The vocal sample (not from the song) used perfectly elucidates DJ Funktional's work: "What's going on here?" Well, if it's that confusing, just don't try to make music at all. Please. This remix is awful.
Completely unoriginal, vapid, unpleasant. Goodbye forever, Funktional.