Gravity (by P.O.S.)

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3 February 2005

Mix Musician BPM Key Duration
Gravity (Original Mix) P.O.S. 138 C minor 6:30
Gravity (Arksun's Voyage Mix) P.O.S. 138 C minor 9:44

Gravity (Original Mix)

Remember / Amnesiac is redoubtable to follow. But Siljamaki showed what he can do on his own, which is a messianic tune so oceanic, it makes Mirovia look like a trickling, piddling puddle. Vol 2 needed this. After the customary initiation by the typical trance intro, POS gets to the heart of the heart at 2:06, with a voidscape thick only with the miasma of lungthrumming humming and a brainstroking synth key doublet that plays down then up to the gates of urjannah every time. But we hold the key only when the submersible at the heart of Jupiter begins its own gravitational fission when the subhums get their own shape distinct to the wavering out & in, an always spinefreezing 4-4-8, this one descending where no light has been since Earth was molten. Satisying & unsatisfied, PS casts a voice flowing with honey, milk & spinal fluid as a counterwreckage, another floor we can feel we tread on. But this infinite room gets a third floor when the piano twinkles a new path into the stars, deeper than the corona, into our core. Resounding against the main floordriller, the featherlight piano is a virus to the behemoth black whale of the bass, kicking back against the main colossus with the conquest of the first cell of all. Its astrolithologic fall into deeper resentment and eventually sultrily choking silence gives way for yet more magic, not dark or light but beyond sensory perception. The submarine sonar beeps make the perfect soundtrack to this anthem of unlife, enflamed & powered by the constantly rising spectre haunting Europe & every universe, a terawall of knives that embryonically simmers around the tune intro, and outsizes everything else on the redwater rapids towards the climax. Even in this byssiferous bastion of penniform pervasion, the spears find a way to soar higher than anything should be able to. & thus, so does Siljamaki.

Gravity (Arksun's Voyage Mix)

This ten-minute voyage begins with the word 'gravity' iterated for two minutes in a tuneless chillout format. After a seasick bout of traditional trance electrotrash, it gets to a few minutes of the first two, but without the tune. The climax is a very relaxed version of the OM's.
He can say this is reversing the fore & backgrounds, but it isn't impressive or memorable. Fortunately, this wasn't the last remix.



30 April 2012

Mix Act
Gravity (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix) P.O.S.

Jupiter's radiation continued with this seven-year prodigal return. 2:32 is the start of the explanation why Gravity returned to the Earth. They added a Lovetonesque party poker, nearly melting in Titan's ice. James Grant admitted that he shapes the direction of remixers he orders around, so he should be removed permanently. Bayer's remixes should remain uniquely him. Arabesque shows that. The only accolade here is that the main synth key fall feels more like being crushed by air than air would, since the fall desponds so readily between the popping, pumping stadium beat. But I hope you'll get this anyway in AD 04, so there's not much point in critiquing it.