Green Line

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Dima's musicianship is hyper-reduced with this to his name.


2 February 2010

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Green Line (Original Mix) Anhken 132 B major 7:31
Green Line (Ronski Speed Remix) Anhken 132 B major 8:03

In 2010, we said farewell to Dima & his indecipherable name.

Green Line (Original Mix)

Between his deep psy-trance, progressive trance on Enhanced, & this copacabana, Anhken was a chameleonic alexandrite, it seems. That's all it does, since this was actually made by Sebastian Brandt & Ludvig Holm. The style is another left-field surprise, diversifying Vol 7 with its Caribbean ramollescence.
The name[1] is black & white with the style, which is a deep massage, & the tune, which is similarly laidback. It radiates seven shades of perficiency, from the sweeping meadows to the climactic hills. The first wavebreak after the tune intro in particular is a stunning subversion: it's more passive & low-profile. Nepenthean concinnity is the best way to say goodbye, diamondiferity & all. Petrisor? More like petrichor. Or even more accurately, Brandt & Holm.

Green Line (Ronski Speed Remix)

Our driveby copypaster is Ronski this time. Splicing in progressive trance among the OM's bliss is a peek into Speed's acescent mind.

  1. There's a rainbow of lines. That's war.