Group Therapy

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It worked.
Group Therapy
by Above & Beyond
Released 6 June 2011
Label Anjunabeats
Producer Andrew Bayer. You want credit, do it yourself; or credit your puppets.
Above & Beyond chronology
Sirens Of The Sea
We Are All We Need
(2014)We Are All We Need2014

This one hit way above anything that could be marked.

Track listing

Production by Andrew Bayer.

1."Filmic" 3:49
2."Alchemy" 5:17
3."Sun & Moon" 5:25
4."You Got to Go" 5:34
5."Black Room Boy" (vocals by Tony McGuinness and Richard Bedford) 6:10
6."Giving It Out" (featuring Zoë Johnston)Grant, McGuinness, Siljamäki, Johnston3:53
7."On My Way To Heaven" 5:58
8."Prelude" 5:44
9."Sun In Your Eyes" 4:50
10."Love Is Not Enough" 6:33
11."Every Little Beat" 6:00
12."Sweetest Heart" 3:36
13."Thing Called Love" 5:29
14."Only A Few Things" 5:02
15."Eternal" 2:53
16."Sun & Moon (Beirut Demo) [Bonus Track]" 7:24
17."With Your Hope [Bonus Track]" 4:30


Cinematic is a downright insult: films only use very ephemeral, perfunctory sounds to indicate what we should feel. Don't degrade this to that putrid commercial level, this is art! Filmic, Group Therapy, & life begin with a promising piano idea. Although it ends passionlessly, the signature is cursive. It's almost too fast- the violin, the piano, & the piano's dao come solar flaring in at once, so steel & titanium yourself.
The piano is superseded by a glassy bell suavely tritoning & enthroning, the violin making the space we dance in, & more piano illapsing in to eglomerate the utopia to the yoctoest degree.