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Behold, the symbol of pleasure.


7 May 2004


Mix Act Key BPM Duration
Guanxi (Original Mix) Aalto A major 136 8:18
Guanxi (Super8 Remix) Aalto A major 138 8:07

Menno De Jong is one of the greatest musicians. His magnificent accomplishments include such wonders as Turtle Paradise, Millionfold, Never Lose The Magic, Stardust, Mad World, Last Light Tonight, & many more. & his solitary work on Anjunabeats is not just another stunner: Guanxi is a deific creation.
The word 'guanxi' is Mandarin for 'connection', literally. It is an ecumenical Chinese term for relations that might consequentially bring favours that are mutually advantageous. This concept is actually much more complex, & you aren't here for that anyway.

Menno de Jong

Guanxi (Original Mix)

This is more than a song.

Two members of the Anjunafamily.

This is a composition from a six-winged angel. Guanxi is a superhuman magnum opus. This is the essence of Anjunabeats & pleasure itself.
The sorrow & the pulchritude confederate in a supermassive wonder. The tune is almost beyond words.
Unfortunately, Guanxi has only one remix. It is from a fellow seraph, Super8. The Early Years catalogue looks like a (best of) Super8 compendium, so how bad can this be? Proximately completely unoriginal.
Eloranta did add a special cascade in his slight rework, which is nice. Not a superhuman feat, but his remix is worth paying for too; all the Guanxi you can get is desirable.
& that is the only remix! This needs to be revisited & remixed.

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