Harvest Moon / Made In Bahrain 2010

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20 December 2010

Mix Act
Harvest Moon (Original Mix) Dan Stone
Harvest Moon (7 Skies Remix) Dan Stone
Made In Bahrain 2010 Dan Stone

Why couldn't he just have disappeared, like a Bahraini protester?

Harvest Moon (Original Mix)

The latest in a line of video-game named songs, HM is a relaxed, tropic pattern. It's so simple, you can use it to communicate with prawns.[1]

Harvest Moon (7 Skies Remix)

Boldoni presents: the OM with one grain of electro. Indistinguishable, bloodless, antsafa... he hit all the wrong notes. His copying & pasting skills are off the charts.

Made In Bahrain 2010

There are no gays or atheists allowed in Bahrain, & there is no talent allowed in this. Not in 2006, not in 2010.