Headcase / Pepe's Garden

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Cacoethes seribendi.


28 January 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Headcase (Original Mix) Jaytech 126 C# minor 7:26
Pepe's Garden (Original Mix) Jaytech 126 B minor 7:41

Jaytech's second release continues the infuriating dichotomy.

Headcase (Original Mix)

Headcase is atrament straight from the bees’ mouths. Incomplex, smooth, & orphic, this sets Jaytech's name alight.

Pepe's Garden (Original Mix)

In Jaytech's biography on his website, it says very good things about this. Don't believe any of it. This hebetate, boeotian, vapid, uneventful filth somehow garnered a remix. & from Tritonal no less! Why not Headcase?!

It should have been Headcase.


3 November 2008

Pepe's Garden (Tritonal Remix)

Tritonal's remix is the OM with two new unimpressive tunes layered on top: one upbeat; one slightly fuscous; both verminous. Long stretches of the OM attempt to exterminate any soul you might have left in you by this point.
Tritonal are a fantastic duo, & they made a bad choice with this market garden-variety affair that is desultory for everyone involved.